the beer olympics - app design


app design

helping drunk people keep score

a couple friends decided to host the beer olympics. after a test run, we quickly realized some sort of system was needed to keep large numbers of inebriated people organized enough to keep score and be in the right place at the right time. as with most things that involve the phrase “beer olympics", it got a bit out of hand and an app was born.

one of the challenges presented by an app built for the intoxicated is that no matter what they may tell you, they’re terrible at using their phones. terrible at reading. terrible at texting. terrible at following directions. still really great at texting their ex. in designing the app, we put lots of thought into making simple inputs, making important things brightly colored, making sure buttons aren’t too fiddly, and the constant presence of undo button.

the app was built to mimic a sports app. in addition to schedules, notifications, and directions to help get to each game, the app also features a full searchable rulebook since the rules for certain games can vary so much from place to place.

one of the barriers we found in holding a beer olympics was creating teams. the way we solved this was incorporating both team signups and a free agent system. for fun (and future scalability) we backed it up with player profiles and statistics logged from past games.