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brand design, web design, template production

a visual identity to match the high touch service they provide to their clients.

macro consultants is a consulting company that manages projects for leading corporations, institutions, and developers. their visual identity needed some changes to match the high touch service they provide to their clients. after an initial “bridge” branding project to quickly professionalize the materials they already had, we set about evolving the brand into something more sophisticated that fit what their business offers.

a new element we introduced was the "macro lens" — a framing device built from the new logo. this element is used throughout the brand, getting incorporated into images and serving as a way to visually highlight the value that macro adds to a project, ranging from people, to fixtures, to programs and buildings.

one of the ways we elevated the brand was moving from the previous 255 blue to a more mature palette composed of navy, greys, and pearls, with touches of coral. these colors were complemented by the use of embossing and debossing.

the project included a full range of business suite materials, including standard elements such as business cards, letterhead, and brochures. We also developed some pieces specific to their needs like proposal templates, presentation templates, a statement of qualifications, CVs, email signatures, and more. all these elements were designed, then carefully templated out in microsoft office programs to ensure the designs could be implemented by anyone in the office, not just those with design software.