brand design, web design, animation, development

evolving a brand with alongside a product

throughout my time at Lumanu, i was tasked with evolving the brand as the product and business model changed. the brand as a whole was centered around creators, and visuals mixing emojis, photographic elements and digital graphics to reflect the various creators personas the company was looking to attract. as the target audience changed, so did the personas, their graphic identities, and the general styling across the brand.

the center of our marketing efforts was the website, which went through multiple overhauls as the startup continued to change. i wireframed, designed, developed, and maintained the site, ensuring that it changed to meet the new business goals and expectations. in addition to the visual side, i also optimized the site to reduce load times significantly, improve seo, and speed up time from concept to execution on each iteration.

in addition to the website, the other key project was promoting the mobile app. this effort included creating preview videos, app store promos, multiple marketing campaigns, and producing new graphics and animated content for the social feeds.