brand design

buying a house is more than just purchasing an asset.

a house is one of the largest and most important purchases a person might make in their life. for many, it’s more than just an asset. it can be the foundation for building a life and a family. it’s how communities grow and stay strong. the importance of the decision is a big part of the value to having a trusted realtor to guide you through the process. this idea of foundations is the core of the new par brand.

the start of the rebrand was a new logo. the logo itself features a keystone, with a keyhole in it. the keystone serves as a reference to both pennsylvania's state symbol, and also a symbol of building and stability, while the keyhole inside it references the act of getting a key to a house — the final act in buying a home. in addition to serving as the logo, the keystone also serves as a flexible graphic element, being able to hold imagery of houses, or as a glyph in text for emphasis.

the typography of the brand is unique, using uppercase letters and justifying text back and forth to create a sense of building, and bringing the idea of foundations into every layout. this treatment make the brand stand out from a crowd. the brand's color palette has two opposing contrasting color themes — brick and blue. they can be used interchangeably to keep the brand fresh.